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John Green & David Levithan Book Event

April 27, 2010

I have this lovely post I am working on about learning foreign languages, creating better profile photographs and just having fun with technology and libraries. But we are going to have to put that on hold right now because I want to talk about last night’s book even with John Green and David Levithan, if I don’t I will spend the rest of the day annoying people at work with tales of the nerdfighter-tastic fun that was to be had at Books Inc. last night.

First a little background, John Green and David Levithan are both young adult authors. Not only our they young adult authors, but the happen to be New York Times best selling authors (trust me, go read their work if you haven’t already) and simply awesome people to boot. David wrote a book, you may have heard of it or the movie, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. John also happens to be one-half of the Vlogbrothers (the other half is his brother, Hank) and de facto leader of the world’s Nerdfighters. If you need a definition of Nerdfighters, please see the video below:

My very good friend, Monika, got me hooked on the Vlogbrothers’ videos (I even use them when I teach, but more on that later). I even have one of the rare John Green bobbleheads in my office. Like I’ve said before, I think it is great that young adults who feel nerdy and like no one else understands them now have a community to come to online and in person (not to mention help decrease world suck). [As an aside, Monika works at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and trained the birds for the new Hot Pink Flamingos exhibit (click the link to see a web cam of the exhibit). So if you go to see the exhibit and run into her, say hi and be nice; she might tell you some cool stuff about the birds.]

So anyway, there is this little book (totally joking, it debuted at number 3 on the NYT Best sellers list) that Green and Levithan wrote called Will Grayson, Will Grayson and they were in San Francisco last night to promote the book. It was a blast. There were a lot of Nerdfighters at the event:

Nerdfighter Crowd

Nerdfighter Crowd

Then came the screaming and photo snapping before the “dramatic reading” (which was amazing; there is already footage up on YouTube) and Q & A (yes, I know the photos are not the best quality, but in my defense, neither is my digital camera):

David and John

David and John

Then there was the book signing. I have to give massive props to the people working at Books Inc. because they were pros at moving the line along at a reasonable pace. John and David were lovely about signing as many of their books as people wanted. I managed to tell John that I am a librarian and use Vlogbrothers videos when I teach without tripping all over myself (aka becoming way too much of a fangirl), to which he replied that I was awesome and showing videos was the best evangelism for Nerdfighteria. đŸ™‚ Photograph of the signed page below (because well, yes, I am a nerdy fangirl):

Signed Title Page

Signed Title Page

Now I really must go and get some more tea before teaching my first class of the day. As the Vlogbrothers would say, DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome).

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