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A few resources to peruse during your weekend

April 20, 2012

Happy Friday, dear readers! I just have a few resources to share with you that shouldn’t overwhelm your weekend because I think everyone deserves a relaxing weekend. I have a lot of topics that I want to talk about, especially related to jobs and hiring in library and archives organizations, but need a few more weeks to really wrap my head around what I want to say. So, until then, here are the resources and some lovely photos to get you into the weekend mood.

First, don’t you just feel like it should be time to travel? I can’t wait for summer vacation. I had a small taste of vacation last weekend when I went to Half Moon Bay. It was lovely, as you can see from the photos below. Thus, I had to share the 2012 HotelChatter Hotel WiFi Report. Super-helpful for deciding which hotel to stay at given the wifi situation. Yay for free wifi in many hotels!

Colorful Pots

Colorful Pots

Beach along Coastside Trail, Half Moon Bay

Beach along Coastside Trail, Half Moon Bay

After relaxing for a weekend, I always feel like I should take on something new. So while this Lifehacker article, I learned to speak four languages in a few years: here’s how makes me tired just reading it, it also inspires me to start learning another language.

Also from Lifehacker is this great post, Email is not broken, we are. This is great to read and share with your colleagues to try to tame the email beast. I love the advice to set up a social contract about email with your colleagues. I started doing this with my students and it has worked fantastically well. They know how long it will take me to respond to their emails so they don’t stress if they haven’t heard from me immediately and know when to recontact me if the school’s spam filters have eaten their message. If you have any tips on handling email, please let me know in comments.

Finally, if you just can’t face doing one more thing and everything seems like tedium. Henri the cat understands (thanks to my colleague, Liz, for sharing this wonderful video):

I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing and inspiring weekend. Allons-y!

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