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Design Resources for Friday

February 26, 2016

Happy Friday, dear readers! As you can tell from the lack of posts this month, it has been rather crazy around the library. Teaching two freshmen information literacy courses in a quarter usually doesn’t throw me for a loop, but combine them with massive amounts of committee work, a battle with a cold, and a bunch of project deadlines, and it has definitely impacted the amount of time I’ve had for writing. So today, I want to share some fun design resources to get you into the weekend because everyone can use some inspiration.

It is no secret that I’m a fan of free icons, and you should be, too. They are so much better than clip art and great for use in quick graphics you may need to create for your library. I’m especially fond of the curated sets available via Smashing Magazine. Check out the adorable home appliance and real estate icons and this huge set of icons on e-commerce, food, summer, and more.

Also, it is no secret that I love good typography and think every librarian (and every person) should know at least the basics. It is imperative for graphic design and finding more sources of free fonts is always useful, so check out this great set from Smashing Magazine: free fonts with personality. I can’t wait to use Badhead in something.

Speaking of design on a much larger scale, check out this Gizmodo article, “Look how much better a city can be when it designs for people not cars.” The photo comparisons are amazing and it is a stark reminder that good, liveable design is a choice; it doesn’t just happen. Something to keep in mind when we renovate or design libraries, too.

Finally, just for fun, check out The Well-Appointed Desk’s Chocolate Lovers’ Fashionable Friday post. So much yummy-looking stuff. And, of course, who can resist this project of turning an old t-shirt into a cat tent? Definitely not me.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get to design and to read something wonderful. I’ll be back soon with more news and notes. Allons-y!


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