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And some days you just need some fun

July 23, 2013

Hello, dear readers. Some days, you just really need to have some fun. So for today’s post, I just wanted to share some fun things that you can check out as a break from work today. Nothing really library or archives or technology or job related today. More of that on Friday.

I really enjoy cool artwork and maps and this Gizmodo post can you identify these movies drawn out as treasure maps combines both. Check them out and see how many you can identify.

I am hoping to get a waffle maker soon (*fingers crossed*) and am looking forward to making these lemon ricotta waffles with poppy seeds from Joy the Baker. They look scrumptious!

Also, happily there was a photo of Pickles, the Hobbiton cat, posted over at Hobbit Houses a few days ago that I thought I’d share. Because, let’s face it, I can’t resist a cat in Hobbiton.

"Pickles: The Hobbit Cat" from Hobbit Houses on Tumblr

“Pickles: The Hobbit Cat” from Hobbit Houses on Tumblr

I hope you have a wonderful day and week. Allons-y!

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